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There are two available options for participating in EYEP Graduate Placement Programme, namely; Graduates and Host Organisations. To participate in the programme one must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of Eswatini.   
  • Hold a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma or Certificate - from any discipline.   
  • Be 35 years old or younger.   
  • Demonstrate interest or commitment in a chosen career field.   
  • Demonstrate interest or commitment to contributing to Eswatini's socio-economic development.  
  • Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.   
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills.   
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Must have the desire to learn through volunteerism

EYEP Graduate Placement Duration

A person may participate under EYEP for Six Months.

APPLY – applications are closed for graduates for now and calls for new applications will be made in due course.

Eligibility Criteria - For Host Organizations

  • Complete the eligibility checklist – a tool to check for resource availability to guarantee a positive placement experience.
  • Sign the online EYEP Graduate Placement Agreement.
  • Complete online requisition for graduates

APPLY NOW – Applications for host organizations remain open.

Eligibility Criteria – Artisanal Skills Development (Non-graduates)

  • Must be a citizen of Eswatini.   
  • Be out of school. 
  • Be 35 years old or younger.   
  • Not currently engaged in any employment.   
  • Hold at least a Primary School Certificate.    
  • Demonstrate interest or commitment to learning a new skill.    
  • Demonstrate interest or commitment to contributing to Eswatini's socio-economic development.   
  • Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.   
  • Have good verbal and reading skills.   
  • Have no criminal record. 

Maximum periods for EYEP Youth

Participants are trained through a practical three-month accelerated programme.

Applications for artisans are conducted at a regional level.

Application Guidelines
Step 1
Visit https://eyep.org.sz
Step 2
Click "APPLY NOW" button on the top right corner (on a laptop or desktop) on the mobile phone click the menu, and the button will appear
Step 3
A page with different options for applying will be displayed "Apply as Non-graduate", Apply as Graduate", Apply as Host Organisation"
Step 4
If you are a graduate, click the graduate button.
Step 5
A form will be displayed, and fields marked with a star "*" are mandatory / required. The form has been validated; the system will require the applicant to input a valid Eswatini cell phone number (8 digits with no spacing). The system will further require the applicant to input a valid ID number, which is 13 digits with no spacing.
The applicant must make sure that all required data has been provided because the system will not allow the applicant to submit an empty form.

Step 6
After submitting the form successfully, a message will be displayed on the screen instructing the applicant to check his or her email for login credentials. The system will further send an SMS with login credentials.

Step 7
The applicant has to log in by clicking the "SIGN IN" button and choose his or her category.
Step 8
The applicant must take a survey. The applicant must upload all the required documents.
Step 9
The system will indicate in percentage form the completeness of the applicant
Step 10
After completing the profile, the applicant must wait for the matching phase.