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Host organizations must register first under EYEP and then they will be assisted  by EYEP administrators to follow the next steps.

Graduate Application Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

1. Must be a citizen of Eswatini.  
2. Be a fresh graduate - holds a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma or Certificate - from any
discipline and graduated not earlier than 2017.
3. Be 35 years old or younger.  
4. Demonstrate interest or commitment in a chosen career field.  
5. Demonstrate interest or commitment to contributing to Eswatini’s socio-economic
6. Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.  
7. Have good verbal and written communication skills.  
8. Have no criminal record.
Maximum periods for EYEP Youth
 A person may serve for a maximum of 1 year of EYEP assignment.

Application Guidelines

Step 1

Step 2
Click “APPLY NOW” button on the top right corner (on laptop or desktop) on the mobile
phone click the menu the button will appear

Step 3
A page with different options for apply will be displayed “Apply as Non-graduate”, Apply as
Graduate”, Apply as Host Organisation”

Step 4
If you are a graduate, click graduate button

Step 5
A form will be displayed, fields that are marked with a star “*” are mandatory / required
The form has been validated; the system will require the applicant to input valid Eswatini
cellphone number (it must be 8 digits)

The system will further require the applicant to input valid ID number which is 13 digits
The applicant must make sure that all required data has been provided because the system
will not allow the applicant to submit an empty form

Step 6
After submitting the form successfully, a message will be displayed on the screen instructing
the applicant to check his or her email for login credentials
The system will further send an SMS with login credentials

Step 7
The applicant has to login by clicking “SIGN IN” button and choose his or her category

Step 8
The applicant must take a survey
The applicant must upload all the required documents

Step 9
The system will indicate in percentage form on regarding the completeness of the applicant

Step 10
After completing the profile, the applicant must wait for matching phase


No. The EYEP platform is free for host organisations, graduates and non-graduates.

Employers are required to submit all legal documents which are verified by issuing agencies to ensure their authenticity. 

The Programme offers four broad areas of possible collaboration with private and public sector institutions. Opportunities for individual citizens to partner and collaborate also exist. These areas are not mutually exclusive, and organisations are invited to engage as partners in the following areas: 

  1. Knowledge partner: all Host organisations will contribute with professional guidance, thematic and industry expertise and skill enhancement through mentoring and coaching opportunities. 
  2. Host organization: Provide fellows with meaningful job placements, and fully pays for candidate costs for twelve months.  
  3. Financial Contributor: Contributes financial or material resources to the programme (stipend to the EYEP youth, insurance, IT equipment etc.), for youth candidates placed within your organisation or other organisations. A financial contributor can also sponsor any non-graduate(s) youths in the artisanal programme. 
  4. Host and Financial Contributor: Provide the candidate with a meaningful, fully paid placement opportunity either within your organization or another AND contribute with financial or material resources to the programme. 

Employers who do not complete the recruitment process on the platform will not be matched with hired graduates.

This functionality will be automatically activated on your profile dashboard after you have been matched with the graduate and completed your recruitment.

1. Create an account: Register on the platform by filling in your company name and required information

2. Upload documents: Upload the required documents e.g Company certificate

3. Document Verification: Uploaded documents will be reviewed and verified

4. Matching with graduate: After successful verification of documents, employers and candidates will be matched by the system

Your information is only visible to EYEP administrator.

Do the following:

1. Select "Other"

2. The system will prompt you to enter the name of your course or that particular document.

Thank you.

The frame helps employers to keep track of the performance and progress of matched graduates. Monthly stipends will be processed after the monitoring frame is completed by the graduate and signed by the host organisation.

Graduates with incomplete unsigned monitoring reports by host organisations will lead to non-payment of stipends for the month.

The selection process for the host organisations is as follows: 

  1. Eligibility criteria for host organisations has been developed are accessible on the 'Eligibility criteria' page of this portal. 
  2. Prospective host organisations will be invited to express interest by completing the online application form on this website. Expressions of interest provided through any other mediums will not be considered. 
  3. Prospective host organisations are requested to provide all of the mandatory information, including supporting documents, as this will form the basis of the matching exercise with prospective EYEP youth
  4. Prospective organisations that meet the requirements will be integrated into a database of host organisations in readiness for matching with pre-qualified EYEP youth. The talent needs of the host organisations will be determined through the application process. 

The placement cycle will be a collaborative process between the EYEP and the host organisations ensuring the needs of the organisations align with the interests of the EYEP youth and vice versa.